Author = Bahram Alizadeh
Number of Articles: 3
1. Genetic Potential Evaluation of Source Rocks in Masjed Soleiman Oil Field

Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter and Spring 2009, Pages 121-125

Zahra Rezaee; Amin Karampour; Bahram Alizadeh

2. Potential comparison of Kazhdomi and Pabdeh source rocks in Marun oilfield, by S2 vs. TOC standard geochemical diagram

Volume 4, Issue 2, Winter and Spring 2008, Pages 145-151

Mohammad mehdi Fajrak; Bahram Alizadeh; Hormoz Ghalavand; Farid Tezheh

3. Depositional Environment Study of the Pabdeh Formation in Zeloi Oilfield using data obtained by Rock Eval 6 pyrolysis

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2007, Pages 60-65

Hossein Motahhari; Bahram Alizadeh; Hormoz Ghalavand; Mehrdad Moradi