Application of Fuzzy logic to investigate Slope Mass Rating (SMR) in Khoy open-pit mining projects

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Mining Engineering, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran


This study attempts to present the artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic methodology to investigate the stability of jointed rock slopes based on slope mass rating (SMR) in open-pit mining projects in Khoy, West Azerbaijan, Iran. As methodology, the coupled procedure based on SMR and fuzzy logic (named FSMR) was used to quantification and classification of 25 excavated mine slopes where applied on 6 openpit mines in Khoy region. For this purpose, the slopes conditions have been evaluated during field surveys and provide the input information for initial SMR model. The fuzzy model has been used to improve the results as well as reduced errors in field evaluations so that it can produce results with higher accuracy. As a result of the presented article, the modified method provides high accurate results in lower evaluating time.