Tourism potential and assessment of its environmental impact on the northern coasts of the Oman Sea, Iran

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Oceanography, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Chabahar Maritime University, Chabahar, Iran


Today, tourism activities are as one of the most dynamic activities in the world. The number of foreign and domestic tourists and theirs income that is constantly increasing in the world. Tourism activities have different types that among them we can mention to the coastal tourism. The concept of coastal tourism, the full range of tourism consists of recreational activities that occur in coastal areas of the oceanic water. In the southern coasts of Iran, various natural factors have come together to create structures and phenomena, natural and historical attractions which in turn display of beautiful natural attractions. Despite such potential positive impacts of tourism on the coast, not only negative but also have undesired effects but also originate from a lack of planning and management of coastal areas of the country. Summary, the results of the studies such as soil erosion, destruction of natural resources, destruction of coastal landscapes, waste accumulation and uncontrolled increase in construction, water and soil pollution, stagnation of agriculture and animal husbandry, death of plant and animal organisms, noise pollution, land use change and so on show that types of environmental pollution in the region, the main negative impacts on tourism. In this research, it has been tried to present ways of reducing harmful environmental effects and expressing the tourism characteristics of the studied area and the consequences of tourism.