Role of Green Resource Management in Advancement of Green Supply Chain (Case Study for Environmental Engineering)

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Agriculture, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran


In a situation where manufacturing companies are under intense competition, they are producing a variety of products, and sometimes they do not pay attention to the environmental costs of using different materials. However, the implementation of environmental management practices such as green supply chain management can help to prevent environmental pollution, in addition to maintaining the competitive advantage of companies. This research investigates the role of green human resources management in promoting greenhouse gas supply goals at the compost recycling plant in Isfahan industrial city. In this study, a conceptual model related to green supply chain management and factory business performance was used through three organizational variables: job satisfaction, operational efficiency, and inter professional productivity as intermediaries. Statistical analyzes based on data collected through A total of 92 questionnaires were conducted in the disposable utensil industry. Reliability and validity of the research model and questionnaire were tested and confirmed. In order to test the hypotheses, partial least squares technique has been used in the structural equation model. Some of the previous findings of this study suggest a direct relationship between the implementation of green human resource Management and the business performance of a factory. All research hypotheses were approved in the form of green human resources management and related factors. In general, the findings of this study are consistent with previous studies in other parts of the world. Also, few studies in this area were conducted based on the theory of resource dependency.