Evaluating and Analyzing of Earthquake Risk Assessment in Esfahan Nuclear Site

Document Type : Original Research


1 Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Tehran, Iran

2 International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Tehran, Iran


Esfahan Nuclear site is located in Esfahan province, South-East of Esfahan great city. In geological point of view, the study area almost located at the boundary between Zagros and Central Iran zones. The study area, experienced a wide variety of destructive earthquakes during historical and instrumental time span. In seismicity perspective, the western part of this area, on the high Zagros Mountains is more active than others. In this study, at first step we try to create a comprehensive earthquake catalog considering the independence of events based on Poisson’s distribution. Then, the seismicity parameters will be calculated using different parameters such as seismic attenuation and seismotectonic states based on Kijko-Sellevol method. Results are persisting on a few active faults, especially Kuh-Ghoruneh located in distance 12 km to site with high horizontal and vertical seismic acceleration. According to these results, we conclude that the site located in the very seismically active region, which can be affected by future earthquakes.