Effect of environmental factors on Solar-panel Power Loss and Photovoltaic Performance

Document Type : Original Research


Department Electrical and Computer Engineering, Marageh Islamic Azad University, Marageh, Iran


Solar energy as the most important source of renewable energy is an important alternative to fossil and non-renewable energies which is highly related to the environmental changes. The power output delivered from a photovoltaic module depends on the amount of irradiance which reaches the solar cells. Many factors determine the ideal output or optimum yield in a photovoltaic module which can be classified to climatological, cosmological and geographical conditions. These environmental factors are directly affecting the performance losses in solar cells. The presented paper attempted to use the long short-term memory (LSTM) to evaluate the environmental parameters influencing on photovoltaic cells performance losses. According to the simulations, intensity and radiation angle, shadow, temperature, wind and air pressure are the main parameters which affect the solar cells functions and loss the performance.