Detection of Concealed Military Targets Location by Using Airborne Electromagnetic Method

Document Type : Original Research


1 Research Institute of Applied Sciences, Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Surveying and Geomatics Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Investigating the possibility of detection of the concealed military structures is one of the complicated problems. This structures is created a significant conductivity in opposite of the earth which can be detected using electromagnetic method. Airborne electromagnetic method is considered as an important geophysical method that is used in the airborne survey. This method is characterized by high speed, extensive coverage, cost-effective and performance capabilities for implementation in sever topographical relief. In this paper, we used electromagnetic data to solve the problem. In order to analyze this problem, both forward and inverse problems are treated in this contribution. In the forward problem, with the assumption of the known size and position of the structure, secondary magnetic field signal is modeled. Then, using the modeled signals, some points about the detectability of the structures are discussed. Finally, both of the forward and inverse problems are implemented based on simulated data and some suggestions are made to decrease the probability of detectability of the underground military targets.