Evaluation of stability and Marine Hazards Coastal zoning in southern province of Sistan and Baluchistan using GIS

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Oceanography, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Chabahar Maritime University, Chabahar, Iran


The study area in the South East of Iran in geological zone Makran. The geographical location of the study area in orbit 25 degrees 13 minutes north latitude and 60 degrees to 25 degrees and 25 minutes and 35 minutes to the meridian of 60 degrees and 55 minutes east is located.This area covers part of the northern coast of Oman Sea. In addition to marine risks, different risks of coastal Makransubduction zone, especially during faults, sea water and its harmful effects on coasts and ports affected are southern province and Sometimes destroys all obstacles on your own. In this study, using hydrological studies, tectonics, using satellite images and aerial photographs using GIS, mapping areas of high risk, low risk and safe to reduce marine and coastal hazards has been identified. One application for this research review Lifeline residential areas for relief is taken when necessary. For example, invasion routes tsunami, mud flows, floods, landslides and loss  evelopment in the region, degradation of coastal, safe and risky areas on land and in the South East coast's topography is predicted. Accordingly, in the regions Lipar, Chabahar and tees, the destruction is high. Great sea beach resort area, park Taj Mahal (downhill), a beautiful city, town Golshahr spring and wave power, you must first gentle uphill and then downhill through the turns, With increasing wave height, the flood areas and all vital artery will be cut and damages multiplier. In the regions Ramin and brace with a positive slope (uphill), damages and injuriesless (low risk) will be. Free industrial and trade zone in Chabahar is one of the safe areas (Such as emergency rooms, hospitals, blood transfusion services, airports, fire departments) should all be transmitted vital artery to Safe areas. It is necessary, lines of communication and highways, to avoid traffic and appropriate relief work to be constructed in the event of coastal hazards.