Warning and Rapid Estimation of Earthquake Damage (WARED) system: A New method for Rapid Determination of Earthquakes Damage and Fatality in IRAN

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Shahrood Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood, Iran


WARED system is Internet-based software that automatically receives the seismic information from Iran seismic center (ISC) every 10 seconds. The information is processed in a few seconds and damage assessment maps of various parts of the city (such as buildings, hospitals, bridges, etc.) become available, in layered format, to rescue groups through system site. WARED system based on the population exposed to each Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) level, it estimates the losses from earthquakes in residential areas. This system was implemented in the municipality of Mashhad (North East of Iran) in January 2014. Principles of information processing in this system depend on three main factors including the magnitude and location of earthquakes, the properties of the rocks and sediment the earthquake waves travel through, and the technical characteristics of the buildings (strength, age, type, and geotechnical conditions of soil, etc.). Therefore PGA is used as the most important parameter to assess the damages and fatality occurred. Primary purpose of WARED system is rapid dissemination of earthquake impact assessments for decision-making purposes. This is motivated by the idea that an estimated range of damage and number of deaths will aid in decisions regarding humanitarian response.