Stability analysis and numerical modelling of toppling failure of discontinuous rock slope (A Case study)

Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Geology, University of Yazd, Yazd, Iran

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Isfahan, Iran


On the north-side of Phase 7 gas flare site located in South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC), Assalouyeh, Iran has a discontinuous rock slope that due to tectonic activity has been vertical mode folded. Also, the coastal climate caused to weathering of mass and occurring toppling failure in this slope. This instability causes some problems in accessing the flare site. So, this slope need to stability analysis and stabilization. In order to stability analysis of this discontinuous rock slope, utilized the distinct elements method (DEM). The modelling process of toppling failures in UDEC is divided to geometrical and mechanical modelling. The result of modelling has good agreement with the toppling failures definition and process.