Numerical Modeling and Stability Analysis of Shallow Foundations Located Near Slopes (Case Study: Phase 8 Gas Flare Foundations of South Pars Gas Complex)

Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Isfahan, Iran

2 Department of Earth Sciences, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

3 Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Yazd, Iran


Nowadays for many reasons, including geological structures governing on the project site, the foundation near of the rock slope and embankment are constructed. The analysis of this type foundation, the slope effect on found is non-negligible and will be cause changes on failure system. Generally, conditions governing on slope (such as position, body masses, physical and mechanical properties, strength parameters and etc.) and the the foundation conditions (foundation type, material, spacing of the slope, the weight on the foundation, found deviation, Angularity of foundation and etc.) play an important role in the foundation stability analysis. In this study, we attempted to numerical modeling of Phase 8 Gas flare foundation of South Pars Gas Complex is located near slope by the finite difference method (FDM) using Flac2D software. The aim of this study, evaluating and analyzing the probabile failure mechanism. Finally, Gas flare stability based on the results of the modeling is controlled.