The Geochemistry and Geothermometry of Sphalerite in the Carbonate-Hosted Emarat Pb-Zn Deposit

Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University-Behbahan Branch, Behbahan, Iran

2 Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University-North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

3 Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


The Mn, Fe, Ni, Co, Cu, Pb, Ga, Ge, Cd, Sn and Ag contents of 10 sphalerite samples from the Emarat Zn-Pb deposit were determined. The principal trace elements are Fe, Cd, Pb, and Mn. The Fe content of the sphalerite ranges from 11580 to 21700 ppm, the Cd content from 452 to 549 ppm, the Pb content from 652 to 5186 ppm, and the Mn content from <2 to 497 ppm. The Ni, Co, Cu, Ga, Ge, Sn, and Ag contents are low. Trace element geochemistry of sphalerite from the Emarat deposit compares well to literature data reported for classical Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) districts in the world. The Ga/Ge geothermometer indicates a temperature range of 175 °C to 235 °C for the ore-bearing fluid. This temperature range is consistent again with the ore formation temperatures for MVT deposits. Accordingly, the Emarat Zn-Pb deposit must be classified as an MVT deposit.