Morphotectonic Analysis of the Babakouhi Anticline North of Shiraz

Document Type : Original Research


1 گروه زمین شناسی، دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد شیراز، شیراز، ایران

2 Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University - Shiraz Branch, Shiraz, Iran


In this research it was tried to use field work, geomorphic indices such as mountain front faceting (Facet %), mountain front sinuosity (Smf), ratio of valley floor width to valley height (Vf), the study of air photos and processing of satellite images and detecting and enhancing of lineaments, using different remote sensing methods, to answer ambiguities regarding Babakouhi anticline and factors affecting the morphotectonic situation of the area. This research shows that the pressure caused by Sabzpooshan strike slip - dextral fault with NW-SE trend and Bamu Strike slip - dextral fault with SW-NE trend have had great impact on the deformation of the area such as changes in anticline trend, creation of main faults of the area and creation of the university hill anticline.
Anticline; Zagros; Folded - faulted zone; Geomorphometric indices; Strike slip - dextral fault.