Introduction of accessory minerals in Bon-do-no granite, East of Bavanat (Fars province)

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University - Shiraz Branch, Shiraz, Iran


Bon-do-no granite located at 230 km Eastern north of Shiraz in the Center of Kuh-Sefid, anticline. Tutak metamorphic complex, is a part of Sanandaj-Sirjan matamorphic zone. Field studies shows that: 1- This metamorphic complex parent rock , have between lower to upper Paleozoic age and the metamorphism casualty accured before upper Jurassic and included by paragenesis of Micaschist, Amphibolite, Marble and Greenschist. 2-After this accurance Tutak complex intruded by granite intrusive and the contact metamorphic accured in a margin Rock of this intrusive mass. Field studies and labratuary research shows that this granitic intrusive mass have a various accessory minerals like Garnet, Tourmaline, Amphibole, Sphen, Zircon, Rutile, Allanite and Apatite. XRD Analysis test at a Garnet,Tourmaline and Amphibole , shows that type of Garnet is Spessartine (Mn3Al2Si3O12), Tourmaline is Schorl [ Na(Fe,Mn)3Al6B3Si6O27(OH,F)4] and Amphibole is Actinolite [Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2] and Richterite [Na2Ca(Mg,Fe,Mn,Al)Si8O22(OH,F)4].