Biostratigraphy of the sediments of Talezang Formation in southwestern Lorestan

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Islamic Azad University - Sciences and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


The Talezang Formation is especially extensively outcropped in southwestern Lorestan. It is lying conformably on the Amiran Clastic Formation and its upper boundary contacts the Kashkan Red Siltstone Formation. In the type section it is dated at Upper Paleocene to Middle Eocene and is composed of limestone ranging from moderate beddings to massive form. Limestones of the selected sections are mostly sandy with sandstone and shale interbeds. Miscellanea Miscella, Miscellanea Minauta, Kathina sp., Lockhartia sp., Gavelinella sp. are the typical fossils which are defined in the selected sections of this Formation. The proposed age for the formation is dated at the Upper Paleocene – Iberian.