The introduction of facade and decorative rocks resources in Aligudarz

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Islamic Azad University - Aligudarz Branch, Aligudarz, Iran


The metamorphic units of structuring zone of Sanandaj- Sirjan in Aligudarz includes complexes of bedding rocks of precamberian - paleozuic. That contain in them resource kinds of structuring, decorative and façade rocks. The noticeable feature of this area is the proliferation of occurrence of carbonate metamorphic rocks (metamorphic limse) besides granitoid intrusive massives that have granted an excellent situation to this area. By use of desert operation and conducted discovering in the area, investigated bad rock horizons include two kinds of magmatic and carbonates resources. The resources of carbonates rocks that are mostly observed in precamberian-permian units include lime and dolomite marble (known as crystal and rock bedding) and magmatic rocks resources of granite- granitoides kinds. In addition to this, the constructing geology investigation of the area under study indicates two dominant general processes of split in south - eastern - north - western and south - western - north - eastern.