Microfacies and Sedimentary Environment of Tarbur Formation in Dorahan area, (east Lordegan)

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University - Masjed Suleiman Branch, Masjed Suleiman, Iran


Tarbur Formation in the east of Lordegan includes mainly limestone, 182m thickness. Tarbur Formation lower contact with Gurpi Formation is disconformity and Upper contact with Pabdeh Formation, graded. Age of Tarbur Formation based on index fossil is Middle to Upper Mastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous). Microfacies include grainstone, wackestone to packstone and wackestone that shows open marine, bar (reef) and lagoon environment in the study area. Tarbur Formation in the study area deposited in Epicontinental platform.