The study of Nickel Sulfuric and Platinum group in Abdasht ultramafic massive

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Faculty of Basic Science, Islamic Azad University - Aligudarz Branch, Aligudarz, Iran


The Abdasht massive peridotite is a part of the Esphandagheh ophiolite complex. Constituents of the Abdasht rocks are mostly dunite and harzburgite, which occasionally convert to lehrzolite and wherlite. Chromite deposits occur in 15 mineralized horizons. Considering that some of the world's ophiolite complexes have worthwhile resources of PGM, Ni, and Co, in addition to Cr, some investigations into geochemistry and ore microscopy for identifying sulfuric minerals have been carried out. The results of these studies reveal the presence of Nickel sulphuric minerals, especially Pentlandite in this region, which is found in two different parts: host rocks of the chromite deposits and also chromite lenses. The amount of PGM is very small (at most 83 ppb in Kamalabad mine) and often exists in the form of inclusion and fine grain in chromites and silicate gangue. Other sulfuric minerals such as pyrrhotine, pyrite, millerite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, nickel pyrite, chalcopentlandite, vallerite etc. were found. These sulfuric minerals (Ni, Co and PGM) never consist of worthwhile resources and their economic value is negligible.