Potential comparison of Kazhdomi and Pabdeh source rocks in Marun oilfield, by S2 vs. TOC standard geochemical diagram

Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Science, Shahid Chamran University Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran

2 Fundamental Geology, National Iranian Oil Company, Tehran, Iran


In this paper the Kazhdomi and Pabdeh Formations in Marun oilfield were studied. The S2 vs. TOC diagram is one of the best methods used for interpretation of data's obtained by pyrolysis. With the use of this method geochemical properties of these two formations were evaluated, interpreted and then compared with each other. Type of kerogen for Kazhdomi Formation was determined as type II while for Pabdeh Formation the kerogen type is mixed II-III. This diagram shows that Kazhdomi Formation in compare to Pabdeh Formation has more hydrocarbon potential. The amount of dead carbon determined for the Kazhdumi Formation is about 0.93 Wt. % while for Pabdeh Formation it was estimated as 0.5 Wt. %. Absorption of hydrocarbon to rock matrix were also determined using this diagram. It show's that the amount of absorption in Kazhdumi Formation is more than that of Pabdeh Formation. This is mostly due to the presence of argillaceous matrix of the Kazhdumi Formation. This study shows that Kazhdumi Formation in compare to Pabdeh has a better quality for being a candidate as a source rock in Marun oilfield.