Application of AHP-MCDM Method to Estimate the Delay-time of Tabriz-Bonab Highway Project

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University College of Nabi Akram (UCNA), Tabriz, Iran


Road construction projects are considered as the largest infrastructure projects in Countries, which always face the most problems in construction. The longitudinal extent of the projects has caused them to cross different geological conditions and be under different climatic conditions which involvement of various factors in operation of road construction has caused time delays. In this regard, the present study has tried to consider the relationship between factors affecting the project construction and time delay of Tabriz-Bonab road project. For this purpose, the multi-criteria hierarchical analysis (AHP-MCDM) method has been used to prioritize and measure the effective factors in the project. Based on the evaluations, 6 main factors including human, environmental, managerial, technical, infrastructure and technical errors were involved in the project, each of them can be divided into several sub-factors which managerial as well as infrastructure factors have the greatest impact on the project delay and environmental factors have the least impact on the project.