Empirical stability classification of steeper slope design in Khoy Open-pit mining projects by using the SMR, Qslope and RMR methods

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Mining Engineering, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran


The presented article tried to utilize the empirical rock mass classifications to rock mass quantification and stability analysis for several open-pit mining projects in Khoy, West-Azerbaijan, NW of Iran. For this purpose, the geomechanical classifications including rock mass rating (RMR), slope mass rating (SMR), and Qslope have been used. The study aim is provide the quick assessment by considering these classifications to appropriate mines design and stability analysis which implemented on 20 open-pit mining cases in Khoy. Based on the results, it has been determined that most slopes are in the generally stable class, but some of the slopes show unstable conditions which stabilization is necessary. In the meantime, one slope is in an unfavorable condition.