Numerical modeling to evaluate the effect of soil liquefaction on the bearing capacity of piles

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Civil Engineering, Maragheh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Maragheh, Iran



The performance of piles in liquefied soils is much more complex than the performance of piles in non-liquefied soils; Because in this case, in addition to the fact that the pile is subjected to different dynamic loads, both from the structure and from the soil, the strength and hardness of the soil decreases over time due to nonlinear behavior of the soil and increasing pore water pressure. And several numerical analyzes have been done in this field, the mechanism of interaction of the structure-soil pile set during liquefaction has not been determined yet. Thus, the presented study attempted to provide the numerical modeling to understand the piles behavior in liquefied soils. In this regard, the finite element codes by Plaxis software was use to simulate and extract the deformation status for piles constructed on deep liquefied soils. According to the prepared modeling successfully used for deformation, liquefaction, and piles performance analyses.