Geotechnical analysis and zoning in order to evaluate the allowed load capacity of Iranshahr city - East of Iran

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University - North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran



In this paper, the geotechnical analysis was used to zoning of Iranshahr city with an emphasis on the allowed load capacity of the foundation, based on information of 26 boreholes related to projects in the city, has been prepared. Accordingly, the mechanical properties of the soil, according to the results of direct shear tests, shear wave and SPT number are determined and then the bearing capacity for strip foundation with a width of 2 and 1 m and a depth of 5 / A and A is calculated and the bearing capacity map, Authorized. The map shows that in general, the allowable load capacity of the foundation in Iranshahr city, with the exception of the northern and southern parts of the city, is high.